Cultural products

Steel posts
Our steel posts represent both Swedish cultural heritage and functional innovation. They are completely maintenance free and very durable yet can easily be adapted to suit any space and surroundings. Every item is an ornament in itself.
When it comes to their outward appearance, the posts are almost identical to classical cast iron models - but this is where the similarities end. The beauty of our steel posts is more than skin deep, and their flexible properties make them the posts of the future.

Steel can stand it
Iron is brittle. Steel can be hardened and contains a low percentage of carbon, which makes it strong and tough. These properties allow the material to be welded, bent and repaired in various ways. It is eminently possible to link several posts together with chains, and if a post is hit by a vehicle, it is simple to bend it back into position. The idea behind our new model of posts is that they are designed to suit modern, dynamic society yet continue to maintain their style - for generations.

Colour. Design. Freedom.
Every post is designed to suit your wishes and requirements. Design a post of your very own, or simply choose from our range of traditional models.
You can also choose the colour you prefer. All our post colours are durable and protected against corrosion so that they can even handle the fluctuations of the Swedish climate.
Add character to both the post and its positioning by including a coat of arms, a logo or another form of symbol. This finishing touch will provide a historical impression.
Simply bring us a sketch or tell us what you want and we will bring your ideas to life. Contact us to discover that anything is possible.